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Joe Customer

"Rachel developed and executed a successful campaign to sell my home. As a real estate investor, I have amassed many years of experience with real estate and know what to look for in a good agent. In short, if you want to sell your home quickly and for the right price, look no further than Rachel. Rachel’s team exemplified what a real estate agent should do for their clients. Their understanding of the Florida market, the sales process and marketing techniques make Rachel the premier agency in the area. From the first conversation with Rachel I was impressed and knew instantly I had made the correct choice.

Jane Doe

“Provided guidance on real estate buying process and home search. Rachel is thorough, professional, and dedicated to her clients. I spoke with her several times while trying to determine if buying a home was a good decision for myself. She seemed to really care about my concerns and satisfaction with the process. Her patience and knowledge are vast, which I greatly needed in making my decision-making. Thank you Rachel!”

Mike Ustomer

“The process of finding a condo was eased having Rachel as my agent. She showed me numerous different condos multiple times. Also any condo I found online or just out driving around she was able to set up an appointment promptly so we could look at it. She worked very hard to negotiate the best price for my home, having to go back and forth between the bank and myself quite a few times. She was constantly contacting the bank to keep the process moving along as I wanted to close as quick as possible. Overall, Rachel were wonderful to work with and I would recommend anyone who is looking to buy any type of property to look their way for help.”

Ann Othercustomer

“We found Rachel through a friend of a friend after having worked with three other sub-par Realtor’s in the area. Rachel is AWESOME and should be a first choice for educated buyers. Anyone can sell you a “pretty” home, but it takes real dedication to stick with and find you a good home; structurally sound, energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and of long-term value (resale potential).  What’s more, even a month after the sale she came back to remind us to take care of some paperwork for our county taxes! The two are most definitely a winning team!”


Offering the finest luxury living in California

Orange County is rich in luxury properties and estates, offering the finest luxury living in California. Through my years of experience I have come to the understanding that luxury means many things to many people. From finding your home with a breathtaking ocean view atop the bluffs of San Clemente to the ocean front villas or Condos of Newport. Or, maybe you envision a luxury beachfront estate or even a secluded equestrian property with acreage. Orange County represents all The Golden state has to offer in luxury living. Weather you are looking to purchase a luxury home or wanting to sell your little piece of paradise, you are going to need an experienced professional with the unique understanding of both the local and global market.

Using trusted, tried and true techniques, alongside the ever changing technologies that puts information at our fingertips, myself and my team of experts will get your property listing the attention it demands. We do this by grasping a potential buyer’s attention through communication, advertisement and global marketing techniques that match the sophistication of our clientele.

Connecting Luxury Home Sellers with Luxury Home Buyers

With the new advancements of technology creating an easily accessible global market, Real Estate too has made that adjustment. With people using online search engines for 90% of their home searching the internet has allowed home buyers to go beyond the local market and search globally for their perfect taste of luxury. In that same way, we have made it possible for luxury home sellers to reach the corners of the global market by optimizing your internet exposure.

Give me a call today and we can get you started!
(888) 987-7771

What California Has to Offer…

  • Visit all the Coastal Vineyards
  • Drive the Pacific Coast Highway
  • Catalina Island
  • Disneyland
  • Luxury Shopping
  • Route 66
  • Close proximity to Los Angeles
  • The Beach, Sailing and Surfing
  • Citrus Groves and Avocado Groves

Drive up the coast to see ski resorts in Mammoth Lake then on to Yosemite National Park as well as the Redwood Forest and the Sequoia Forest. California really is a great place to live and vacation!

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It all starts with a friendly conversation…